Day 6


Betsy DeVos: Fails on Education


This is the nominee to be our new Secretary of Education, don’t worry it gets worse. Her confirmation hearings started this past week and boy-oh-boy what a trip.

  • She suggested that schools should have guns in case of grizzlies
  • She was unfamiliar with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA], which requires free and appropriate education for students with disabilities [video]
  • She was clueless about the education policy debate about evaluating students on growth or proficiency
  • She refused to say she would hold private and charter school [who receive federal funding] ‘equally accountable’ [video]
  • She refused to say she would protect students from fraudulent for profit universities [like Trump University] by enforcing gainful employment regulations


White House of Lies

A new president was inaugurated on Friday and on Saturday the new White House press secretary lied about the size of the crowd at the inauguration.


Here are the photos showing the difference in crowd sizes for Obama’s inauguration [left] and the inauguration on Friday [right] [WaPo]