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Mike Flynn, what?!

Unlike Hank here, I’m not so confident that this will FINALLY get Republican lawmakers to actually tap into their consciences. But, who knows, maybe they do have a shred of dignity left. [Sorry, got all opinion-y there. The tweets are facts though.]

Betsy DeVos: Fails on Education


This is the nominee to be our new Secretary of Education, don’t worry it gets worse. Her confirmation hearings started this past week and boy-oh-boy what a trip.

  • She suggested that schools should have guns in case of grizzlies
  • She was unfamiliar with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA], which requires free and appropriate education for students with disabilities [video]
  • She was clueless about the education policy debate about evaluating students on growth or proficiency
  • She refused to say she would hold private and charter school [who receive federal funding] ‘equally accountable’ [video]
  • She refused to say she would protect students from fraudulent for profit universities [like Trump University] by enforcing gainful employment regulations