Climate Attack

In more disturbing news Trump’s team was actively looking for the names of people in the Department of Energy who have been involved with fighting climate change.

Donald Trump’s transition team has issued a list of 74 questions for the Energy Department, asking agency officials to identify which employees and contractors have worked on forging an international climate pact as well as domestic efforts to cut the nation’s carbon output.

The questionnaire requests a list of those individuals who have taken part in international climate talks over the past five years and “which programs within DOE are essential to meeting the goals of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.”



“There is major concern amongst my members,” said Jeff Eagan, president of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) chapter at the department’s headquarters building in Washington. He’s also a 17-year Energy employee but was speaking in his union capacity. “I have received lots of calls, emails, messages expressing shock and dismay.”


On the question of providing names, Energy officials resolutely rejected the request, while reassuring workers.




The Washington Post has a running list of how Trump could (or already is) benefit financially from the presidency. Not everyone has full access to WaPo unless you want to pay, so I will summarize for you.

First, a nice figure showing business holdings in other nations.


  • He met with Indian businessmen, whom he has business connections with, after winning the election. They initially claimed it was just a meeting to offer congratulations but then later admitted that they had talked business.

One consultant who’d worked with Trump, Pranav Bhakta, explained the benefit to the Times: “To say, ‘I have a Trump flat or residence’ — it’s president-elect branded. It’s that recall value. If they didn’t know Trump before, they definitely know him now.”

  •  His daughter and son-in-law were included in a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. Largely an issue because they are not elected officials and have no government credentials or security clearance. [More, more]



  • His 3 oldest children are on his transition team and running his company. He was supposed to distance himself from the company but …


  • Ivanka was included in a call with the President of Argentina. This would be an okay thing if you’re teaching your children how to run a business but not when you are getting ready to run a country. [More]


  • As I mentioned in a previous post, there is a lot of controversy over the new Trump hotel in DC. [My post]

Foreign diplomats see the Trump Hotel as an opportunity to curry favor with the president-elect. [WaPo]