Conflicts in the Philippines

Part 1

Trump is friends and business partners with the man the president of the Philippines has picked as his intermediary with the U.S.

Mr. Fuchs, who helped oversee United States relations with the Philippines as the deputy assistant secretary of state until early this year, said he was deeply troubled by Mr. Trump’s overlapping priorities, particularly given the long list of globally significant issues in play with the Philippines. These include planned joint military exercises in the South China Sea, the fight against militant Islamic groups based in the country’s southern islands, and the human rights abuses taking place.

“What we already have is a blurring of the lines between official and business activities,” Mr. Fuchs said. “The biggest gray area may not be a President Trump himself advocating for favors for the Trump Organization. It’s the diplomats and career officers who will feel the need to perhaps not do things that will harm the Trump Organization’s interests. It is seriously disturbing.”

This is the same concern stated over other potential conflicts. It doesn’t matter if the Trump Organization does not elicit favors, other companies or nations may act in the interest of the company anyway.

Quotes from NYT