What it means to defund Planned Parenthood


The GOP is hell bent on “defunding” Planned Parenthood, but most people don’t actually know what that means. No federal money is donated to or designated for PP. The federal money PP gets is from medicaid and title X reimbursement.
A low income patient comes in -> they get whatever treatment -> PP files a claim through medicaid or title X like they would with an insurance company -> PP is reimbursed for services provided.

One big thing to note, the reimbursement does not cover the full cost of services. This is the big reason PP is so important. Because of the philanthropy side of it, they can take care of medicaid and title X patients. The donations, private donations, can cover what the reimbursement fails to cover. [Side note: that is also why it is good for people who have private insurance to use PP. They will reimburse in full.] Other community healthcare clinics cannot afford to take on the number of medicaid and title X patients that PP covers because they do not have the same donation support.

I give you a series of tweets on the subject.


Sources in tweets: One, two, three

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Now make your feminism intersectional


[Source: Rosalarian]

Intersectionality: People are marginalized along different axes [gender, race, sexual orientation, disability status, religion, etc.] and they experience discrimination that is unique to their intersection of oppression.

  • The sexism that a black women faces cannot be separated from the racism they also face
    • The sexism they face cannot be addressed without also addressing racism
  • White [able-bodied, cisgendered, hetrosexual] women do not experience the same issue, it is simple to separate your gender from your race when your race is the default [white privilege]

If our feminism is going to help more than just white women, we must center the most marginalized among us. Otherwise what’s the point?

I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.

Audre Lorde


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. – MLK

How do you make your feminism intersectional?

  • Check your privilege
    • What I mean is, check your reaction before responding to something
      • “Why don’t I like this statement?”
      • “Does this bother me because it’s calling me out?”
      • “Why haven’t I notice this issue?”
    • Acknowledging your privilege is not saying that you haven’t suffered or have it hard
      • With respect to white privilege: it means that race did not act as an additional burden in your struggles. And, because our society is built to support white supremacy, society is structured to rise you up while putting others down
      • It is not about denying your struggles or successes
  • Listen
    • Let marginalized people tell you their story
    • Respect their lived experiences
  • Center the most marginalized
    • Feminism isn’t about making you comfortable
    • If you want to support equality you are going to have to sit with uncomfortable things some time
    • One of those things, is that you do not have to be the main focus
  • Use your voice to amplify the marginalized voices, not speak over them
    • Talk to other white people
  • Accept criticism
    • You’re going to make mistakes
      • You’re always learning
    • Allow people to call you out, or call you in, without becoming defensive
    • Swallow the anger, discomfort, etc. and evaluate why you feel that way


Additional information: here, here, and here

The problem with cheering for zero arrests 

If you didn’t hear already there were no arrests in DC, where over 500,000 people gathered for the Women’s March on Washington.


Here in lies the problem, a “successful” protest. Let’s unpack this a little bit.

  • It is implying that a protest is only successful when no one is arrested
    • People are arrested for protesting peacefully all the time
  • It is ignoring that the march was mainly made up of white women
    • Police officers are less likely to see white women as a threat
  • When people of color peacefully assemble police arrive in riot gear

This narrative allows us to ignore the issues when a protest involves arrest. It assumes that every arrest is justified and there is no racial bias involved


Image result for mlk montgomery mugshot


Image result for mlk montgomery mugshot


Were his protests not successful just because he was arrested?

No, the arrests had nothing to do with the successfulness of the protests and instead had everything to do with the racial biases the police officers [local government and majority of citizens] held at that time.

So, when we praise the Women’s March as successful because there were no arrests we ignore the larger picture, erase the societal structures, and we forget this:

One has the moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws – Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from Birmingham jail

What even is feminism?

Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.
— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  • “But we are equal though
  • “I don’t hate men”
    • See the quote at the top
    • Feminism is not the same as misandry
    • It is about raising women up not pulling men down
  • “But you say men are bad”
    • No
    • Feminism is about destroying the patriarchy that pervades society, not destroying men
    • The patriarchy hurts men too
  • “You’re victimising me”
    • The patriarchal society did that
  • “I like to be feminine and girly”
    • Feminism is about supporting all women in all that they want to do
    • Stay at home mom or president, we want you to be able to do it all