Mike Flynn, what?!

Unlike Hank here, I’m not so confident that this will FINALLY get Republican lawmakers to actually tap into their consciences. But, who knows, maybe they do have a shred of dignity left. [Sorry, got all opinion-y there. The tweets are facts though.]


Betsy DeVos: Fails on Education


This is the nominee to be our new Secretary of Education, don’t worry it gets worse. Her confirmation hearings started this past week and boy-oh-boy what a trip.

  • She suggested that schools should have guns in case of grizzlies
  • She was unfamiliar with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA], which requires free and appropriate education for students with disabilities [video]
  • She was clueless about the education policy debate about evaluating students on growth or proficiency
  • She refused to say she would hold private and charter school [who receive federal funding] ‘equally accountable’ [video]
  • She refused to say she would protect students from fraudulent for profit universities [like Trump University] by enforcing gainful employment regulations


Nightmare Cabinet



Rick Perry – Energy Secretary




Hypocrite-in-Chief Part 2

Remember how Hillary’s Wall Street speeches were a deal breaker? Because that obviously meant she was their puppet. Because you know, that’s how paid speeches work.

Well, guess who Trump has tapped to be Secretary of Treasury?

Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman trader turned hedge fund manager and Hollywood financier [NYT]


I’m not.

Here are how some of Donald’s followers are reacting


More information here



Trump is struggling to choose a Secretary of State, should it be the guy who was mean to him or the ex-NYC mayor and overall mess [Re: defending Trump’s ‘locker room’ talk]?Today he met with someone new, someone who admitted to sharing classified documents during an affair. This wasn’t in emails with actual government officials so I guess it’s no big deal? Oh and he knew that it was wrong from the start, but like whatevs…

Petraeus, a celebrated four-star general who left government under a cloud for sharing classified documents during an extramarital affair, told reporters that Trump “showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. So a very good conversation, and we’ll see where it goes from here.”


He resigned from the CIA in November 2012 and avoided a criminal trial by agreeing to a plea deal in April 2015. It required him to serve two years on probation and pay a $100,000 fine on a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized possession of classified information.


Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey, who oversaw both the Petraeus and Clinton investigations, disagreed. In a July 7 hearing, he told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Petraeus’s behavior was worse than Clinton’s, saying that he deliberately “lied” when first questioned by investigators.

“So you have obstruction of justice, you have intentional misconduct and a vast quantity of information” that was highly classified, Comey said. “He admitted he knew that was the wrong thing to do. That is a perfect illustration of the kind of cases that get prosecuted.”

[Bloomberg Politics]