The beginning of the end? 

I don’t know how factual this all is but I wanted to save it. It made me feel better and hopeful. 


Call to Taiwan 

Trump talked with the president of Taiwan, which is a major breach of U.S. policy with respect to China. [More details here]

But lets take a look at the implications as discussed in these tweets.

By the way, no president or president elect has be in contact with a Taiwanese leader since the late 70s! That’s decades of U.S. foreign policy.


A series of tweets from Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut. He is a member of the senate foreign relations committee.

Also some more details from the New York Times.

To summarize:

In a single phone call Donald stirred up potential problems with our allies, insulted China, and implicated himself in even more potential conflicts of interest. It’s not even January you guys.

NYT source

I leave you with an additional tweet