Recount Twitterstorm

Our lovely president elect went on another twitter rant. This time about the recounts being pushed for, or already in progress, in three of the closest swing states, MI, WI, & PA.

The views expressed are, as always, worrying. I include the tweets below, as well as responses from others who have summed up the issues nicely.



The Washington Post also covered why this is different than what Trump said during the debate and how is current reaction is problematic.

First, Trump was talking about massive election fraud before it was even alleged to have happened. There is very little documented evidence of this in American politics, yet he was out there saying it could and even would happen.


The question wasn’t really about Trump forfeiting his right to participate in recounts or contest a close result — it often got simplified into “will he or won’t he concede” — but it was really about whether he would concede a race in which the margin wasn’t really close.


It’s also worth noting in this that the Clinton campaign hasn’t un-conceded the election. It has said that Trump won, and it has tiptoed gently around this whole idea of a recount. It has recognized the likelihood that these recounts won’t change much of anything. [WaPo]


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