Opinion on Conflicts of Interest

This is my opinion, not sourced from other places.

I think it is really interesting how the Clinton Foundation was such a big issue during the campaign. Conflicts of interest, corruption, etc. Extra interesting because the Clintons have never drawn a salary from the charity, so any ‘suspicious’ donations went toward their philanthropic goals and not personal enrichment. [Really, they don’t]


The whole time there were these glaring issues on the other side that no one talked about. The Trump company and brand are all over the freaking world. AND, they are Donald’s livelihood, as well as his children’s. So obviously, anything done in support of the brand is automatically personal enrichment for the Trumps. That is super shady.

There are plenty of reasons why there was focus on HRC’s conflicts of interest during the election. The majority of them are problematic (again, my opinion). But it is pretty hypocritical for the Trump camp to have focused so much on the Clinton Foundation being evidence of corruption when the Trump brand is a walking talking conflict.

As I have mentioned in other posts, it doesn’t even matter if Trump does not try to use his new position to benefit himself (I mean come on, he’s not that humble or honest, he totes would) because other nations and politicians could use the business to get on the good side of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. That should make you worried and uncomfortable.


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