The Washington Post has a running list of how Trump could (or already is) benefit financially from the presidency. Not everyone has full access to WaPo unless you want to pay, so I will summarize for you.

First, a nice figure showing business holdings in other nations.


  • He met with Indian businessmen, whom he has business connections with, after winning the election. They initially claimed it was just a meeting to offer congratulations but then later admitted that they had talked business.

One consultant who’d worked with Trump, Pranav Bhakta, explained the benefit to the Times: “To say, ‘I have a Trump flat or residence’ — it’s president-elect branded. It’s that recall value. If they didn’t know Trump before, they definitely know him now.”

  •  His daughter and son-in-law were included in a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. Largely an issue because they are not elected officials and have no government credentials or security clearance. [More, more]



  • His 3 oldest children are on his transition team and running his company. He was supposed to distance himself from the company but …


  • Ivanka was included in a call with the President of Argentina. This would be an okay thing if you’re teaching your children how to run a business but not when you are getting ready to run a country. [More]


  • As I mentioned in a previous post, there is a lot of controversy over the new Trump hotel in DC. [My post]

Foreign diplomats see the Trump Hotel as an opportunity to curry favor with the president-elect. [WaPo]



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