Original Summary Post of Bad

He and his aides had no idea what the presidency requires. They did not know that they have to hire all new white house staff.

He hired a white nationalist (read neonazi/white supremacist),anti-semite to be his chief advisor. Stephen Bannon

He has put his children on his transition team.

The same children who he said are going to be running his company to avoid conflicts of interest.

He is also supposed to turn over his investments and business dealings to a blind trust, which is someone who will control them while he is in office and will not tell him anything about them. That is so that he can’t take advantage of his office to get him more money. For example the glaring issue of his new hotel in DC.

Speaking of conflicts of interest, he has money the the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline.

He says he will deport millions of immigrants ‘right away.’ It took President Obama 6 years to deport 2 million people. The only feasible way it could be done within the proposed timeline is with tons of money and potential human rights violations.

Ivanka used the 60 Minutes special to promote some of her jewelry.

He has added another horrible person to his transition team. Frank Gaffney, circulates anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.

Trump is not keeping the press up to date on his movements -> this is important for a transparent government, the American people should be able to know what the president is doing.

Trump surrogates are citing Japanese internment camps as a precedence for Muslim registry, yeah you read that correctly.

His awful pick for attorney general. Jeff Sessions.

Proposed CIA director, Mike Pompeo.

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